The Cover Virginia Call Center is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and wait times. You can visit to apply for health coverage, renew your existing coverage, or report changes to your income or household. For general questions, click here to email us.

There’s also another temporary coverage program. Certain hospitals may be able to enroll eligible individuals in short-term Medicaid coverage through Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE). This temporary coverage is based on both financial and non-financial eligibility for the following coverage groups:

Pregnant women can only get HPE coverage one period per pregnancy and all other individuals can only get HPE coverage one time during the calendar year. For ongoing coverage a full application needs to be submitted. For more information on how to apply please visit the Apply page.

For more information about Presumptive Eligibility, please refer to covered services for [PDF] pregnant women (English) - [PDF] pregnant women (Spanish) and for [PDF] other individuals (English) - [PDF] other individuals (Spanish) or for [PDF] Plan First (English) - [PDF] Plan First (Spanish). You may also view a list of HPE Approved Hospitals.

Income Guidelines

Qualifying for HPE depends on household income and family size. For your family size, count the number of people included on your federal taxes. If you don’t file taxes, count how many children and stepchildren under age 19 live in your home. If you’re a pregnant woman, include the number of unborn in your family size. Household income is based on what the individual reports as monthly income. Monthly income is based on the gross income of all members included in the family size. Income limits depend on the covered group for which you are eligible.

For more information, review the income limits chart for the various groups.

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