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For Parents and Guardians

Diverse group of school children giving a thumbs up signal The return to school for Virginia's 1.3 million public school students may look very different this year as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. We know that you and your family may be facing lots of challenges and that's why we want to make signing up for low-cost or no-cost health insurance from Medicaid and FAMIS as easy as possible. This year, it's more important then ever to know that your children are covered.

You can find out about who qualifies and the benefits available through Medicaid and FAMIS on the FAMIS page of this website. If you think your children may be eligible, you can check by using the eligibility screening tool and answering five easy questions. If the screening tool gives a result that your children may be eligible, you can go straight to the Apply page to see all the ways to apply. You can apply at any time. You or your child may receive a Back-To-School flyer from your school at some time before the end of the calendar year. School nutrition directors also included Medicaid and FAMIS information in letters to families who participate in the School Lunch Program.

We'd like your help!

Do you know a family that needs health Insurance? You can be a key partner in our Back-To-School Campaign. Help spread the word about Medicaid and FAMIS. Tell your neighbors, friends, and family about all the great services FAMIS covers, such as well checkups, doctor visits, mental health care, vaccinations, vision and dental care, prescriptions, and more!

We also cover parents!

Since January 2019, we've been providing no-cost health insurance for adults. Use the same eligibility screening tool to find out if you qualify and then apply.